Who are Aaban?

We are a private non-profit association, our aim is to support and grow the Andalusian ecosystem of seed investment in start-ups. Our partners are individuals, companies and funds, coming from all over Europe.

Membership of AABAN is by invitation only and confidential if the member prefers so.


We support the economic development in Andalusia by fostering entrepreneurship, facilitating investment opportunities for members of the association and creating an environment for entrepreneurs and investors where they can share ideas, experiences, contacts and investments.

Summarised, Aaban is about facilitating contact between entrepreneurs who need financing and support, and investors who are looking for investment opportunities. The investors, in addition to providing capital, have the knowledge and contacts to actively contribute to the growth of start-up and scale-up businesses.

Our objectives

Build an ecosystem of seed capital investors, promote the role of Business Angels in Andalusia, encourage the transfer of funds to the seed capital sector and grow the number of seed capital professionals.

Connect private investors, liaise between investors and the start-up businesses who need capital and encourage the exchange of knowledge.

Promote investments in businesses with high growth potential.

Contribute to the exchange of good practices with other networks and agents that are active in the field of ​​start-up and scale-up businesses.

Promote the exchange of knowledge and business experiences among members and between members and the innovative investment projects in which they participate.

Unite Business Angels that operate in Andalusia with the aim advocate their collective needs.

Channel the investment, knowledge, experience and creative and innovative capacity that exists in Andalusia.

Promote Business Angels and the role they play in supporting innovative businesses.



Calle Astronomía 1, Torre 1, planta 2ª, módulo 12. 41092 Sevilla

Phone: (654) 332-112-222

Email: info@aaban.org


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