What funding does a BA provide?

The Business Angels help cover the required capital that entrepreneurs need in the initial stages of the life cycle of their companies. This is especially important because obtaining access to capital through banks is often quite difficult for businesses that are in the initial stages of their growth due to high risk, lack of liquidity and lack of sufficient guarantees.

Typically the amount of capital needed by start-up businesses exceeds the financing possibilities of the founders and their family and friends. But for raising capital in the venture capital market, start-up businesses are too small and too early in their development.

Individual investments usually range between € 5,000 and € 150,000 per project.

However, quite often multiple business angels invest together, making investments of up to € 400,000 possible.

For larger projects, there is the possibility of structuring co-investment agreements with venture capital companies making investments of more than € 500,000 possible.

Although the Business Angel invests in any development stage of a company, primarily Business Angels play a fundamental role in the founding of innovative companies by supporting entrepreneurs in the initial phases of the life cycle of their companies (Seed and Start-Up).



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